Manufacturers Representative Sales Agency specializing in bringing Buyer & Seller together since 1978.

Manufacturers Representative Sales Agency specializing in bringing Buyer & Seller together since 1978.

Manufacturers Representative Sales Agency specializing in bringing Buyer & Seller together since 1978.

-Roll Pins® & Coil Pins

Vogelsang Rollpins® are today’s most universal, time saving and economical fasteners. Universal because they replace a wide variety of different fasteners. Timesaving because they can be installed in a single operation. Economical because they are made in one piece and are easily removable.

Vogelsang Rollpins® are hollow cylinders slit longitudinally over their entire length to permit compression during insertion, thus giving them their unique self-locking qualities. Chamfered edges facilitate insertion without disrupting the hole diameter or tolerance in any way. They are formed from special spring steel of high elasticity, resilience and wear resistance.


  • Universal
  • Easily Installed
  • Self-Locking
  • Greater Fastening Security
  • Durable
  • Economical

  • SPC Control
  • Lot Control
  • Package/Bulk
  • Special Lengths
Vogelsang Rollpins® have gained wide acceptance from designers and engineers quick to recognize their inherent advantages and cost saving features. These fasteners simplify product design, increase product reliability, reduce production costs and rejection losses. These features of weight, space and cost savings coupled with simplicity and dependability, have opened up new and previously impractical design possibilities.

Vogelsang Rollpins® provide immediate low cost replacement for many expensive types of fasteners including taper pins, grooved pins, set screws, machine keys, drive studs, dowel pins and others. Vogelsang Rollpins® are used in an extensive array of applications. They regularly function as fasteners, hinge pins, stop pins, assembly pins and in a myriad of other roles. Vogelsang Rollpins® are tried and true, all-purpose non-threaded tension fasteners that can be used in stampings, castings, forgings, sintered metals, hard rubber and plastics. Rollpin® slot dimensions, outside diameters, and elastic limits are such that the self-locking action is achieved in holes drilled to normal production tolerances.

Standard materials are high carbon spring steel or martensitic chromium steel (AISI 420) which are heat treated to achieve optimum shear strength. Rollpins® are also available in work hardened 18-8 nickel chromium steel and, upon request, special materials. The standard finish for steel pins is plain and oiled. Plated pins are also available.

Vogelsang has taken the initiative in offering mechanically plated pins. The Vogelsang standard is mechanically applied, commercial zinc plating. Mechanical plating minimizes the possibility of hydrogen embrittlement, which is a common concern when parts are subjected to electroplating. Mechanically plated pins are commonly available from stock. Other platings are available as special orders. Stainless steel pins can be passivated upon request.

Military Specifications & MS Product

Slotted Pins

MS 9047

MS 9048

MS 17401-171900

MS 16562

NAS 561

MIL P10971

NASM 10971

NASM 16562


Coiled Pins

MS 39086

MS 51987

NAS 51923

NAS 561

NAS 1407

NASM 10971

NASM 39086